Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tagged, again...

From friend Beth:
Fellow bike-bloggers: Feel free to respond with your own velo-lutions lists for the coming year.

What didn't you do with your bike that you'd like to in 2009?
  • I didn't get to ride that 400km. Next year, and also a 600km. In other words, a full series. In a weird twist of personal scheduling, the ACP 200km will happen AFTER all the others. Don't ask.
What did you do with your bike that you'd like to cut back on, or do differently?
  • More of the same, but faster. So I'll need to put in some intervals, and figure out how to not climb like a slug. I am already back at the gym after slacking off for a year, starting gently, so I don't hurt myself, like I did a year ago.

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