Monday, June 8, 2009

Meet my Uncle Arthur

In previous posts, I've alluded to my uncle, whose life experiences got me into cycling. He's led a couple of bike tours for AYH, way back in the day, owned a bike shop, and is still riding. Arthur is my mom's younger brother. He's 12 years my senior.

Arthur on Carpenter Creek

He's currently on a road trip around the country, visiting relatives. He was here this past week, and he brought his bike, so we could go for a ride. First, there was a tire with a slow leak needing fixing, plus some brake adjustment. How many former shop owners and amateur wrenches does it take to fix these things? :-) My job was to provide tools - "do you have an (x)?" I always produced the (x). Arthur was impressed. The only tool I would have wanted to have that I didn't (and he didn't ask for it, but it would have been cool) is the Park Master Link Plier.

That all managed, I had to provide a route. Would we do an inner-Portland coffee-shop ride, or some of my favorite countryside around Forest Grove? Friend Rickey emailed wanting to do a ride as well, so we settled on a 20 mile flat loop out of The Grand Lodge, in Forest Grove.

Rickey: "you don't look old enough to be her uncle!". Art: "I'm not."

So we (Fitz, Art, me, Rickey, Kyle) headed out of Forest Grove on the following planned route:
W on Pacific,
L on Ritchey,
L on Stringtown
R on Dilley
R on Hwy 47
R on Old Hwy 47, go to the Lake Store
continue S to Gaston (forget the road names)
East on Gaston Rd to Spring Hill
R on Fern Hill
return to Grand Lodge.Eat tots.

Stringtown Road did not disappoint - the nursery out there was spectacular.

As we were riding with Rickey, there was a route adjustment - he wanted to climb Carpenter Creek and descend Plumlee. Those not up to the climbage could either take the original route, or walk it. We all went for it. No one walked it.

Arthur summitting Plumlee

Fitz and Arthur at the top of Plumlee

A pause for pictures and admiring the view, then on through Dilley and Old Hwy 47 to the Lake Store, for snacks.

Arthur at The Lake Store

Through Gaston and heading back north along Spring Hill, again by another favorite nursery where Hardebeck Rd comes in. The wheatfields smell heavenly.

At this point we've probably ridden a bit further than Arthur is used to. But it is flat now, and really, we are just about done. Really. Only a few more miles.

Spring Hill Rd

Nice lunch at the Grand Lodge afterward.

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Kevin said...

A nice route to show "out of towners". Too often we locals take all these gems for granted.