Friday, June 5, 2009

Steeking Away

The Flora vest body is now complete, and I've grafted the shoulder seams together. Time to knit the front/neck band. But before I do that, it needs to be cut open.

Body done, shoulders grafted

Looking at the body, you'll see a checked knit area down the middle - that's called the steek, and that is what is cut apart. There is an edge stitch between it and the pattern area, where I'll pick up the stitches for the band.

The yarn is "sticky" - it won't unravel (I can attest to this, having had to do some un-knitting :-) ), so it can be cut right between the 4th and 5th stitches of the 8-stitch steek.

And here it is:

The completely cut steek

Now I need to buy a longer 3mm circular needle to pick up all 379 of those band stitches...


Anonymous said...

Steeking sounds perilously close to stinking.

Cool technique, though. I've forwarded your post to my sister the knit-geek.

Easy short ride sometime? Lemme know.

SMB tech geeks said...

Lynne, that is so pretty - but you must have the patience of a saint for all that work!