Saturday, June 6, 2009

Proud Parent, Part 1

(graduation season. this is one of two.)

Rebecca is now Rebecca, M. Architecture. Thursday night was Thesis Exhibition and Review, and this afternoon was the University of Oregon Portland Center graduation ceremony.

Rebecca and Jessica

Rebecca and her Proud Parents

It was a nice, small, informal ceremony. The keynote speaker was excellent (Will Bruder). No academic regalia, no music, no procession. Each professor presented the graduates from their Terminal Project class.

Prof. Hajo Neis talks about Rebecca

We then enjoyed the reception, where, not only did I renew my acquaintance with Rebecca's fellow student whose mother I went to high school with (in TEXAS), but his grandmother was there. She and my mom were fellow Girl Scout leaders... They had a nice visit.

Then adjourned to The Noble Rot, for a celebratory dinner.

Jessica is looking forward to seeing Rebecca again. Wedding plans are up next.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on you Niece? M Architecture. I am a U O architectural graduate, with my own small firm. It is a pleasure seeing those who persevere and now on through the apprenticeship!

Lynne i read your blog for inspiration on the Rondo events. I love to ride and have completed a handful of Cycle Oregon, Century rides, but nothing like your adventures.