Monday, November 23, 2009

First, I Had to Remove The Tags

Offered up to lead a social pace group for Portland Velo on November 14. No way am I fast enough yet to lead a 15's group. Located my Ride Leader Kit, which I had picked up, and put in the closet months ago. Cut off the tags. They fit. Stretchy stuff, lycra :-)

Fitz, discovering that I was 1) leading, and 2) modifying the route, decided to ride along. At the start, we picked up Linda, and the three of us set out. I had already decided to skip the Pumpkin Ridge climb, and maybe toss in a little out and back to Dixie Mountain Road.

Had a delightful ride getting to know Linda; she started riding late last spring, and has worked up as far as the 45 mile Harvest Century route. We took it easy. When we were to turn north on Gordon Rd, we instead elected to do an out and back to St Francis in Roy, for a brief stop.

Then back to Gordon Rd, through North Plains... and Fitz's knees started hurting, so he elected to head straight back. We did the Shadybrook/Jackson School stretch. Linda's legs were hurting, so we skipped the Mason Hill stretch, and continued back along Jackson School, Meek, Sewell, and Evergreen. Linda's leg cramped up right at Brookwood, so we worked the cramp out and walked back the last 1/2 mile.

Lovely second breakfast at Longbottom's. Shane and David were interested that I could get to the Sunset Transit Center without ever riding on Walker Rd, so I figured I had 10 more miles in me, if they didn't mind a very slow guide.

On the down and up on Evergreen, all of a sudden I was flying up the rise - Shane decided I needed a push. The first time someone did that to me, it scared the spit out of me. This was better; Shane is really good at it. However, I do need to work on my climbing, and declined further assistance after enjoying the first one.

We all parted ways at the top of my hill. Way fun. 39 miles for the day.

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