Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Tale of Two Bike Rides

After riding today, I noticed that my mileage for the month of November is 164 miles. Clearly an upward trend!

You wouldn't want the SKINNY ones, now, wouldyou?

After serious recruiting on C when she came to play with my spinning wheel, I planned to show up and lead another (intermittent) Portland Velo social ride. C had a distance limit of 20 miles, so I plotted out a route that would be about there. Basically a loop, Longbottoms to North Plains and back.

We had a great ride! Not much climbing to speak of (perhaps practically none would be more accurate), and grey, yet dry weather. C wants to increase her distance, and I need to increase my speed, so this works out very well. Next time, we'll go somewhere between 25 and 30 miles. Her bike fit has improved her riding comfort greatly; I'm so happy.

High point - heading south on Leisy Road, past the berry bushes, we startled a flock of birds, and watched them all rise up, wheel around, and settle on the power lines.

I shared with her my plan for a theme ride - the Fibers Ride. Start in Newberg, and ride around to the yarn/knitting/spinning shops and fiber farms that have shops in that general region. Newberg, Carlton, Dayton, Lafayette... And since fiber weighs NOTHING, we wouldn't even need a sag for our massive purchases. Sometime this spring, I think. Could be fun. Need to start generating a list of places to stop. Pacific Wool and Fiber, Woodland Woolworks, ? Suggestions for farms that sell fiber?

We had a nice after ride snack/coffee with her husband and the Velo group that finished about the same time we did. I had a great time visiting with everyone I hadn't seen for MONTHS. Special call-out to Linda, Linda, Dean, and Doug, who were wonderfully supportive over the last 7 months. I am so happy to be back!

Earlier this week, Cecil wanted to know if I wanted to ride Sunday. We could look for my missing climbing mojo in the process. Yes, of course. I never say no to a ride, especially one that starts from my front door.

Another dry day, and sunny, as well. I contemplated wearing a vest over my jersey/baselayer, but a step outside the door had me rethinking outerwear - I went for the featherweight windbreaker, which is highly water repellent, and has zip-off sleeves.

After several false starts - dead rear blinkie, then I noticed I had no rear view mirror. I had it YESTERDAY! Cecil found it behind my van; must have fallen off. It is now attached with a velcro strap, no more falling off.

Finally. Up through the neighborhood, onto the Sunset MUP to Scholls Ferry, then north, heading up to Skyline. It is basically uphill from our start until Greenleaf. Kept on plugging along uphill, but we did pause just before Greenleaf. I needed to get the heart rate down a bit. Over that part, an elevation gain of 884 feet. Whew!

Then, rollering along westward (I completely love riding on Skyline, for both the road and the views), with a stop at Skyline School, where we had snacks and Cecil made friends.

Cecil making friends

Time for snacks at Skyline School

We crossed Cornelius Pass and descended on Old Cornelius Pass (wheeeee), turning right on Phillips. Did the Valley View loop, which I just learned about (goes north on Valley View, there was a 12% bit in the somewhere, west on Mullerlile, then (been here before) south on Dick Road, under the amazing wood railroad trestle.

Then west again to Helvetia Road, where we turned south, passed Longbottom's Coffee and Tea, and then proceeded back by the traditional route. Another pause at Tualatin Hills Park and Rec for more snacks, then knocked off the last 5 miles.

Made it up the Park Way hill without stopping. My standard for that hill is to keep the speed above 6 mph. It is a double decker - not so fast on the first bit, but kept it above 6 mph on the second part, which is actually a bit steeper.

Wonderful ride with my best riding buddy!

Route Here

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Kevin said...

Welcome back to the road. It's nice knowing you are out there!