Monday, November 23, 2009

Hey, I'm Baaaack!

Heart Rate: 174!
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This past Saturday, I enjoyed the Oregon Randonneurs annual Wine Country Populaire. 70 miles of Washington and Yamhill wine country riding.

Rode with Cecil, Diane, and Susan O. They were very patient, as they'd often be riding faster, and then wait for me to pedal on by.

I cannot climb worth a darn yet, as soon as the grade gets more than 0%, I notice it. Greater than 3% and I'm working pretty hard.

The first 2.5 hours were light, refreshing drizzle. Really, I liked it. It felt good on my face. Then, heading back from the Cherry Grove out and back, it stopped raining. The sun even came out from time to time.

The headwind was perhaps another story. 45 miles of free-range headwinds, south on Spring Hill/Laughlin, through Yamhill, Carlton, and the last stretch to Lafayette.

Had a nice vending machine mocha in Lafayette; we all loitered outside the store and enjoyed hot drinks (except Cecil. She had a cold drink.)

Then, we turned north. I do love me a good tailwind, and that's what we had. I also decided that my headlight did not really need to be on (the sensor thought it was too gloomy out), and that also picked up my pace a bit. But I was surely getting tired.

Ten miles before the finish, Susan decided that we wouldn't upset the weather karma and commented on what a fabulous day it was. I agree, really! It was great riding weather.

Cecil headed right on in at the finish, Susan, Diane, and I put our bikes away, took off our cycling shoes, and then headed in to officially finish. Visited with Susan F (our excellent RBA), then went off to take a hot shower before the dinner.

Delightful dinner with the Susans, Diane, Brian L (the Olympia one), Duane, and his tandem partner.

Now, off to work on that hill-climbing stuff.

I didn't get any pictures (stupid camera battery), but Cecil did.

Finished in 6:30, well ahead of the time limit, with a riding pace of just below 12mph.


Anonymous said...

SO Bummed that my cyclocross thang preempts the only freakin' populaire I coulda ridden this fall. But SO, SOOOO glad to hear you rocked it out there! YAY! Lynne's back!

(Coffee ride in December please, after usgp? Maybe during Chanukah?)


lynnef said...