Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Errandonnee 12, Haircut

Look ma, much less hair!

Errandonnee 12, haircut, 5.6 miles

Rode over to see our haircut person (she's been cutting my hair for 35 years) on the Sweetpea, because I am trying to get the new saddle to like me, and wanted to check out another adjustment.  Mostly, I have been adjusting it, riding up and down the driveway in jeans, calling it good, and then going off and riding a 200k.  Four times.  It hasn't always been for the best.  So, in riding pants this time...

Yes.  So, Suyapa told me she wanted to try something NEW and was I up for it.  After detailed questioning, I agreed.  It would grow out in 5 or 6 weeks if I didn't like it.

wash, comb, and that's it.
symmetric (makes me crazy if it isn't)

She poured me a glass of wine and got started.  Then Fitz showed up (this was planned), and she poured HIM a glass of wine.  The pile of hair on the floor got bigger.  Just to mention, it wasn't really that long in the first place.  Now it is considerably less long.  That is ok for the warmer weather.  In the winter, my head gets cold.

Fitz got his haircut, we visited, she admired Sweetpea.

5.6 miles.  New haircut, which I think I like.

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