Sunday, March 16, 2014

Errandonnee 9 Coffee before Dawn

Crista Permanista reviewed the updated Perm 1513 cue sheet, and found a couple omissions, plus a few places where RideWithGPS "helped" which I did not catch on my proofread.  I expect riders WOULD want to know to turn R to get on the Broadway Bridge.  Details.

Maria. Starbucks at dawn.  3 miles

As three riders were going out THIS MORNING, I updated the cue sheet and printed out three new copies somewhere around midnight, set my alarm and got a few hours of sleep.  Up at 6:30, down the hill to find them.  Didn't see any bikes at Jim and Patty's, but there were some customers at Starbucks.

Observation:  I think I finally have the headlight adjusted to my liking.  Observation by others: bright tail light!
(dark downhill, dawn uphill.  Luxos U headlight, Secula Plus seatstay mount tail light)

Bought myself a cup of coffee, and shared some route notes ("there is a mudslide just past the fish hatchery").

Underway, rode with them back to my house (on the route), and loaned out a reflective item to a rider who had forgotten theirs.  I'll get it back this evening when they finish.

3 miles.

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