Monday, March 16, 2015

Errandonnee 10 and 11

#10: Transporting a Pie, .62 mi, "You carried WHAT?"
After our St Pat's blowout, we found we had an excess of pies.  Also an excess of salad and cooking greens (another story) and Irish wholemeal bread.  The greens and half of the bread went into the pannier.  Easy.  The pie went on the porteur rack, and I rode over to my parents' home and delivered the goods.  "Home delivery!"

#10: Pie transport to the parents

Why, yes, it would have been faster to walk over.  But that wasn't the point :-)

A good store baked pie and relatively smooth roads make this easy.

#11: Multimoding to the Portland Timbers Game, 3.06mi, "Personal Business"
While it is possible to ride to the game and park there, I found out last time that secure bike parking is restricted to those who elected to have "bike parking" as part of their season ticket package.  We elected for transit tickets.  This time, I rode up to our transit station, and left the bike in the Bike Link secure lockup.  I also carried a pair of non-cycling shoes to change into, because one stands the entire game.  Locked the cycling sandals and helmet up with the bike.

#11: multimoding to the Portland Timbers game

Or, for a more complete overview:
Background, me in the stadium
Bike in the bike cage
Beverage up with an interesting Budweiser logo at the bottom, and
because I am a fidgeter, I poked at the bottom and
it detached!
It was a magnet!
Still cider in the cup.
I quickly tipped it diagonal, so didn't lose much.
What were they thinking?

Timbers Game

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