Monday, March 16, 2015

Errandonnee 12, Fini!

Careful perusal of my categories revealed that I had one "you carried WHAT?" left.

#12: Carrying a spinning wheel, 2.74 mi, "You carried WHAT?"

Fellow Participant Tess and I had been running errands all around Beaverton, on the same days, and going to many of the same places, but not at the same time.  We hadn't met before, and decided to put an end to "ships passing in the night."  Tess also knits, so we decided to meet up at Jim and Patty's Coffee and knit.  And/or spin.

What?  I could have taken my drop spindle.  That was easy.  Small, lightweight.  Easy to carry.  No.  I brought a spinning wheel.

Hoped it would fit in my pannier, but it was a bit too big.  I have two wheels, one which LOOKS like a spinning wheel:

It Followed Me Home, Can I Keep It?

And a travel wheel, which is smaller and considerably more portable.  Still a bit bulky for a bike, but with enough bungees, it attached securely to the porteur rack on my Rivendell Bleriot:

#12: unloading the spinning wheel at Jim and Patty's Coffee

Arrived, ordered a mocha with orange syup ("oh, you want a Borgia!"  "Is that what it is called?"), and a Florida Orange Roll.  Reassembled the wheel.  (Learning: Borgia Mocha)

#12: Borgia mocha and Florida Orange roll. And the spinning wheel

Shortly thereafter, Tess rode up.  I have to say, this was the Best Errandonnee Ever.  She's a non-practicing engineer.  She knits.  She teaches knitting.  We know people in common in a couple of circles.  This was GREAT!

#12: And Tess, so we wouldn't be ships passing in the night

After a few hours of this, we both needed to move on to the balance of our day.  Packed it up again, and rode home.

#12: headed back home, crossing Hwy 217


TessM said...

Yes! What a great way to round it all off. This was actually the furthest north I have cycled in our fair city, and I learned about "Hipster Bowls"* so it was a win in many ways. And I do believe the spinning wheel wins the "WHAT" category. :)

*HIPSTER'S DELIGHT: a half order of Biscuits and Gravy with egg and bacon on top.

aem2 said...

I agree. Spinning wheel wins.

I like how the Errandonnée brings people together like this.