Saturday, October 11, 2008


Took myself to the Oregon Manifest custom bike show this afternoon. Couldn't get anyone to come with me, so I hiked up to the MAX and then walked the two blocks to the show (Bleriot needs a bit of love before riding again, which would be tomorrow; I should get on it).

Found Cecil at the Showers Pass booth. (Really nice new rainpaints coming there! I told Ed that I review women's cycling products for a certain well-read website and newsletter.) After a visit, wandered upstairs. Natalie was talking to some folks, so I admired Sheila Moon's styling wool knickers, waited a bit longer, and then Natalie and I got to talking. Then we went hunting for a pen, and I put down a deposit. 18 months :-)

Now, SO many things to decide.


  • Well, the reach and seat kick-back will be perfect :-)
  • 650B wheels
  • 130mm rear spacing (Bleriot has 135mm)
  • S&S couplers
  • Front rack with light mounts and light wire management and a place to pop my impending VO front bag with decaleur
  • braze-ons for rear rack, but it mostly won't be there
  • deep raspberry red (color of that fleece pullover I'm often wearing)
  • wireless computer
  • I'm ok with the Rivendell Silver (Tektro 556) brakes
  • Frog pedals


  • drive train: Shimano w/brifters or the setup on Bleriot? Yeah, this is a big one. I like the range I have on Bleriot!
  • which metal fenders? This bike won't look retro like Bleriot.
  • handlebars? FSA Wing Compact Pro? They have a flat top.
  • things like headset and bottom bracket.

I'm sure all my friends will be offering suggestions.

Fitz took it very well.


Anonymous said...

Oooh! Oooh!
Another Sweetpea will be on the road!
I got stuff you might want.
Let's talk over coffee, yes?

tangobiker said...

Wow Lynne ... this sounds auspicious! Congrats!