Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What I've been doing the past few months...

Other than the occasional bike ride (soon to increase, yay!)...

Looking for a job, of course.

Lots of domestic stuff. This does not mean the house is necessarily any cleaner or better organized :-)

I've been canning

Zucchini Relish

Povidl (Plum Conserve)

Green Tomato Pickles


Perhaps I am learning to spin


Winter Dreams / Light Foot front view



One down!

First sock complete!

Dimpled Washcloth


and probably watching a bit more TV...

The knitting and spinning is just fascinating for the staff at the medical office. They always have to check in on what I'm working on. Since I'm there a minimum of every other week, they get lots of updates.


Paul Whitney said...

I guess it has to be something until the bicycling resumes:). The canning looks especially outstanding. Hope the recovery is going your way and I see you on some one of the ORR rides in 2010.

KristenT said...

My mom spins, but uses one of her 5 traditional spinning wheels. My grandmother tried to teach both of us how to use the drop spindle, but I could never get the hang of it (or using the wheel, for that matter), so my job is to knit whatever mom spins up. :)

Great cables, BTW, and your intarsia looks great!!

(Came over to you from bikeportland)

lynnef said...

Hey Kristen, thanks! We'll need to get together sometime!