Friday, February 19, 2010

What's up...

Hmm. Leading Portland Velo rides on Saturdays - last weekend included exceptionally scenic Holly Hill, which I conquered with no problems whatsoever. We'll see how I do climbing up Moreland to Skyline tomorrow :-)

As part of my Lynne Improvement Plan, in addition to riding (currently 1 long ride and 2 spinning classes a week), I'm also trying to remember how to run (this week 12 x (R 2:30 W 2:30)), which is finally feeling like there might be an endorphin or two lurking, and lifting weights.

Now, back in the day (say 3-4 years ago) I was pretty consistent on the weight lifting front, and, sometimes, would draw stares of amazement as I kept loading the weight on the incline leg sled. Little women repeatedly shoving 400 lbs does, for some reason, draw attention. It did make for me being a darn strong stoker :-)

But I'm not there now - I am up to all of 160 lbs, but I'm moving up at least 20 lbs every week. I'm up to 40 situps, lots of core work (heavy ball, side and back stuff), free weights, and rows and lat pulls. Plus other stuff, but you'd be bored reading it. I might post my workout sometime, but not right now.

And, according this scale this morning, 9 lbs has left the building. More to go, for sure, but I'm pleased.

Ran some errands on the bike today. A completely wonderful day; wore my shortfinger gloves and sandals for the first time this season.

Oooh!  Warm day in February!

I was all set to hop on Bleriot and hit up the library and the bank, but, darn it, a flat. Where did that come from? So, Gitane was pressed into service. Autopiloted to the library, forgetting a lock. Oops. There was a guy unlocking his bike at the rack and talking on his phone, so I asked him if he would watch my bike for the 5 minutes it would take for me to zip and and get my book. Nice man!

Then, of course, I noticed a troop of Girl Scouts selling cookies. For the first time in over 20 years, there has been no Girl Scout in my house or down the street selling me cookies. I had a small daypack, and managed to fit in 3 boxes of cookies with my book :-)

Unauthorized shopping outside the library

Mmm. Thin Mints. Mmmmm. Only 40 calories per cookie, too :-)

Again, autopiloting to the library, I missed the turn to the bank. Luckily, there is another branch of the bank right across from the library.

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