Sunday, January 8, 2012

Permanent #1401: Beaverton-Hagg Lake-Carlton 203km

Or, wandering around (mostly) rural Washington County, visiting an amazing number of info controls along the way.

I rode most of the route in early January and saw very, very few cars.  Can't guarantee this for you, but it was delightful for me.

You start in beautiful suburban Beaverton, right at the corner of SW 117th and SW Canyon Rd.  There's many, many places to get a starting receipt.  If you don't want to ride over the hill from Portland, you can hop the MAX; the Beaverton Transit Center is one block over to the west.

Working your way west and north, you will escape the Urban Growth Boundary at West Union and Cornelius Pass  roads, not to be seen again until you re-enter Hillsboro toward the end.

The route takes you through Helvetia, one of the prettiest bits of countryside around, up the Jackson Quarry Hill (not steep, and be sure to look off to the left as you ascend), and then an up one side and down the other around a valley just outside North Plains.

Through Roy, info control at the church, and ALSO flush toilets in the building to the left of the church back by the garage doors.  There is a donation box on the wall in the hallway on the right.  Let's keep the hot water, flush, paper towels and TP coming.

Then on through Banks (Thriftway on the right after crossing under Hwy 6), out Cedar Canyon, and back on Hwy 6/Stafford Rd/and so on, ending up at the first timed control in Forest Grove.  I recommend Maggie's Buns on 21st.  Best sticky buns ever, and as big as your head.  She's not open on Sundays,(closed.  End of an era).  You can get receipts and food at the Mama Jiah's convenience store at 2248 Main St  and Pizza Schmizza (also on Main St, a little further along).

Following the pause in Forest Grove, you'll circumnavigate Hagg Lake.  The initial ramp after entering the park can be a bit of a downer, but it is all fun rollers after that.  The park is closed in the winter, but spring through fall, there are facilities at several picnic areas.

Then south, entering Yamhill Country and wine country.  You'll pass through Yamhill, and the next timed control in Carlton.  There's wineries and tasting rooms all along here.  Disclaimer- most of them are at the top of steep gravel roads, but there are are few right in Carlton along the route.  Carlton has a grocery (on the left just before the left turn), a couple of convenience stores (one on the right a couple blocks after the turn, but more importantly, an AMAZING bakery, with tasty pastries, coffee, hot cocoa, soup, sandwiches...  The bakery (and I encourage you to stop there) is on the left just after the turn, hiding behind a coffee cart.

Now you are heading back north, along the familiar (to the local riders) Kuehne-Ribbon Ridge-North Valley-Spring Hill-Fern Hill leg before  turning east and skirting the southern boundaries of Forest Grove, Cornelius, and Hillsboro.

Somewhere along Rood Bridge Rd you find yourself in Hillsboro, and back within the Urban Growth Boundary.  One last timed control at Borwick and Baseline (Jackson's Store at the gas station is handy; also a Wendy's, a Subway, and a grocery).

Then a stretch along Baseline; bike lane the entire way.  Exercise a bit of caution after crossing SW 185th - after crossing, the right lane cloverleafs off to get onto northbound 185th.  I move into the left side of the right lane and take the lane to avoid the potential of getting right-hooked.

After passing Nike and Tektronix, you'll turn right onto Hocken and head back the way you came.

Enjoy the ride!

the cue sheet
and map
and registration form
and route/gps track

Please contact me if you'd like to ride the permanent for RUSA credit.
This is how I like to get your card and receipts back.

Helvetia Church

Jackson Quarry Rd

View from Jackson Quarry Hill

Red Clover and Rugosa on Cedar Canyon Rd

Wetlands, Cedar Canyon Rd, Banks, Oregon

Fuzzy berry bushes on Thatcher Rd

Hagg Lake

Wetland on North Valley Rd

Spring Hill Rd

Red Clover and Barn on Fern Hill Rd

Spring Hill Road


Slo Joe said...

Look'n forward to this summah in Oregon.

If you use a gps check out Using your gps you can generate a gpx file for others to use as well as a cue sheet

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Here you go, Joe: