Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Utilitaire 12

MG, of Chasing Mailboxes fame, and also a randonneur, created the Utilitaire 12, a winter cycling challenge.  Like any good randonneuring event, there were many rules, paperwork and documentation requirements.  Not unlike working on proficiency badges or challenges (if you remember those, you may be a Girl Scout from my era).  After a bit of thought, I realized this one was totally doable.  One rule was that a qualifying activity could not occur DURING a brevet or permanent.

Happy finishers at Starbucks

It could occur BEFORE or AFTER, like riding to the start and getting some coffee.  And with that, I was off.

Outside the front door, so you can see that I actually work somewhere

My life is amazingly well organized at this time.  Where I live and where I currently work are about 3 miles apart.  I bike commute most days.  And between work and home are places to eat, community meetings, a variety of stores, bike shops, and where I get my haircut!  Piece of cake.  It actually was, one night, but I didn't count that stop, as I already had my two qualifiers for the week.

Utilitaire #9, Grocery store

Tonight, at the Bicycle Transportation Alliance MSTIP focus group (coincidentally at a pub along one route home), I completed it.

Advocacy goes better with tasty Lambic

The whole Utilitaire photo set

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Caroline said...

Hi Lynne, Congrats on your Utilitaire win! Go Portland!