Monday, November 11, 2013

Coffeeneur #7, New Seasons Market

I had great plans for Coffeeneuring without Walls (well, maybe next year), which would involve excavating my Svea 123 backpacking stove and riding up to Council Crest Park.  Then I was made aware that New Seasons had citron through David Parson's Flickr stream.

We both use it in the same recipe - Italian Fruitcake from the Moosewood Desserts cookbook.  Excellent cycling food!

It wasn't like I had any OTHER groceries to pick up, so put the panniers on the Riv and cycled over.  The beauty of this store is that they don't mind the bicycle inside.

Excellent Gouda Cheese

Ordering up the coffee

So it wandered up and down the aisles with me, picking up citron, mangos, pie weights (impulse purchase there), fresh ginger, really amazing gouda cheese (another impulse purchase), and, after a text exchange with the son, some gluten-free stuffing mix.  I am on his girlfriend's favorite person list at the moment.  More aisle wandering, singing along with "Blackbird" (Beatles recording), eventually ending up at the food and beverage-serving part of the store.

Coffee and Rivendell

Got a cup of 12 oz house coffee (Stumptown, not too shabby :-) ), parked the bike (kickstand!), sat down, and savored it.

Then rode home and started candying the citron.  Yum.

Blanching the citron

Candying the citron

Letting it dry

New Seasons Market, Beaverton, OR.  Stumptown coffee.  3+ miles.

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