Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Coffeeneuring: Coffee with Beth

Ride: 4
Date: Friday, Oct 16
Distance: 28.47 mi
Vertical feet: 2000
Location: Saint Cupcake SW,  1138 SW Morrison St
Bike Friendliness: Adorable whisk bike rack.  See the picture.
Beverage: Americano
Food: a Lemon dot and an Chocolate Hazelnut dot (mini cupcakes)

Beth and I have been promising ourselves that we'd get together for coffee for much too long.  We finally pulled it off.

Our meetup place was Saint Cupcake, which, while not the original Saint Cupcake, still makes a very nice array of cupcakes, both standard and mini sizes.

My route into Portland includes going over Sylvan summit, then coasting to the Zoo, up a bit to Kingston Rd, then downhill through Washington Park and SW Portland.

Saint Cupcake has an adorable bike rack.

Bike rack, St Cupcake

Beth arrived as I was locking up.  We got ourselves coffee, and in my case, a couple of exceptionally tasty dots (mini cupcakes).

Beth, our coffees, my pastries and The Knitting

In my case there was some knitting on a sock, and we spent a fair amount of time catching up.

Me, ditto.  Someday I will open my eyes

My other agenda for day was to ride over the shiny new Tillikum Bridge, and stop in at Rivelo on the other side, to buy some leather/crochet cycling gloves.  We rode down to the Willamette RIver, then started working our way south to the bridge.  Eventually, we just took ourselves to where the endless stream of cyclists was riding from.

Tillikum Bridge, Beth, streetcar, bicyclists

Tillikum Bridge, cables

The views from the bridge are wonderful.

Tillikum Bridge

Tillikum Bridge

Looking north at the Marquam Bridge and downtown

Now, I could fill this post up with a stupid number of pictures of the bridge, but you could just view them here.

As well as mission accomplished at Rivelo, we met another Google Riv lister, and visited with John.  He walked us out to meet our bikes.

Bike accessories and hatchets

All we need is a cracker barrel.  Or penny candy.

Casting about for what to do next, I suggested we ride on the Springwater Corridor Trail.  it was clear and sunny as we rode along the Willamette River.  And then we found ourselves in Sellwood, it was after 1pm, and we wanted some lunch.

Beth on the Springwater Corridor Trail

A burger place was located, and we sat down to some yummy burgers and fries.  And more catching up.

Mike's Burgers in Sellwood

Then Beth had to get home, so we headed our separate ways.  I got to ride over the Tillikum Bridge (oooh! more pictures!).  I followed the other cyclists to see where I'd end up, which turned out to be Portland State University.  So, four blocks north, and I was on Jefferson, headed back up to Washington Park, and then home.

The elevation profile

Coffeeneuring with Beth - Elevation profile


bikelovejones said...

SO fun to ride and quaff coffee with you! Let's do it again soon!

Pondero said...

One of the great reasons to experience the coffeeneuring challenge...the coming together of friends! Great story!

Kevin said...

I too have found Mike's Burgers. Not a bad way to fill the void from a day (or half day) of cycling!