Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Canada Socks Finished!

Canada Socks finished!

Last summer in Michigan, when we were doing a family ride from the cottage to Trick Dog (for their Brazilian French Toast breakfast, yum! in Elberta) to Beulah (because it is at the other end of the Betsie Valley Trail), I saw the Knitting on the Road book displayed in the window of the Yarn Market, open to the Canada Socks page. Had to have it. Told everyone to wait just one minute, went into the store and bought the book (and somehow needed to buy the Lucy Neatby Fiesta Socks pattern as well; looks fiendishly challenging).

Of course, I was still knitting the Philosopher's Wool Tradition sweater and some other socks, so I couldn't start anything new. But I could leaf through the book :-)

Fast forward to this January. The sweater was done, as well as that pair of socks, and the next pair of socks was halfway through. Time to get the yarn. I couldn't find the desired colors and weight of yarn at a local yarn store (granted, I just checked one store, but I'm not driving all over town to find yarn!) Ordered the yarn from Shelridge Farms and waited. Bought a swift and yarn winder while waiting :-) Finished the other socks.

More fun than anyone has a right to have

Early February, all the parts are here. Needles (sz 0 circs, sz 1 straights), yarn, swift, winder, pattern. Had a fun evening winding the yarn into center pull balls, then cast on. Hmm. Need stitch markers, since I'm using a circular needle, rather than double points. Pull out the beading supplies (trip to bead store indicated :-) ) and make some up. Yes, I could buy them, but they are so darn easy to make.

Canada socks are progressing

The Latvian Twist cuff was new and interesting. It looks pretty cool. The colorwork was a piece of cake after that sweater. The clock pattern down the sides was new, but just knits and purls. After that, it was just plain sock knitting.

I knit in front of the tv, and on road trips. And whenever else I find myself sitting with unoccupied hands. Not at work , although I sit in enough meetings!

Cast on sock two, and finished up this morning during the post spin class bagel breakfast.

Yay! I'd be wearing them, but they don't go with today's clothes. Tomorrow, for sure.


beth h said...


Are you open to commission work?
Just curious.

lynnef said...

:-) my queue for stuff I want to make for me is pretty long, and I'm not all that fast at this. Talk to me. Maybe.

beth h said...

Let's talk about a trade. Cool bike stuff for the Gitane in exchange for a little knitting goodness, no specific timeline.