Thursday, March 27, 2008

Today's Commute

It was meant to be a spin class and weights morning, which means I drive to the gym, work out, change into commute cycling clothes, do the post-workout bagel and coffee meetup, then drive home, grab my lunch and work stuff, and ride into work.

Best-laid plans. We were up all evening before dismantling the computer center so daughter could continue painting the upstairs family room. (This is a story for another time.) 4:50am was too darn early.

Our tradition is that if spinning is skipped, we still do the Executive Workout - bagels and coffee. Rode over to the bagel place by the gym, leaned the bike up against Jason's, and had a great breakfast with John and Jason. Scott (bagel place owner) thinks he should be getting a bike rack. We agree.

John and Jason were doing their electronic tether activity (Treos), when Jason commented that Richard, a friend of ours who lives on Council Crest (highest point in Portland, I think), reported that it was snowing, and he bombed down Broadway in it. I looked out the window - "hey guys, it is snowing here, too!"

The subsequent commute into work had the bonus of snow! Not sticking, and it stopped partway through, but snow always makes me smile.

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