Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Little Pre-Ride Stress

Tomorrow evening I'm heading up to Kent to ride the Seattle Randonneurs 200k Brevet on Saturday. I just "rode" the route via Google Maps; I'll have couple of questions on the route, like where exactly DO we pick up 410? Enumclaw? Or further east?

I am packed. My food for Saturday is assembled. The bike got a Cosmetic Wipe-Off (TM) and some fresh lube on the chain. Air in the tires, too.

Then I read Narayan Krishnamoorthy's pre-ride report. I am now officially tense. He claims he's slow, and he did it in 10.5 hours. 5000 vertical feet over the route. David R says it isn't any harder than the Bingen brevet. It certainly couldn't be any windier.

Oh, and the weather should be outstanding, too.


beth h said...

Some reminders from a witness to your greatness:

1. You CAN climb.
2. You CAN ride pretty darned FAST by Human being Standards.
3. Don't get all pscyhed up! Just go up and represent OrRando with style and panache. Attach the stuffed whatever to your saddlebag and ride because you love to ride.

Have a great time. --B

jason said...

Relax, you'll do fine.

Remember that OrRando women are stronger than the Seattle Rando men!