Sunday, March 23, 2008

Cupcake's Birthday Ride

Laura organized her birthday ride this past Saturday, a jaunt from The Grand Lodge in Forest Grove out to and around Hagg Lake, and back.

Brief aside: Laura's nickname is Cupcake, because, oh, almost 4 years ago, around mile 80 of the Portland Wheelmen's Spring Century, we were paused and she was, let's say, "discouraged". Her brother-in-law promptly told her to "suck it up, cupcake!". Much to her dismay, it stuck. (I became "Pinkie" a few miles later. Now you know.)

Laura, Ken, and Nat

33 degrees, bright and sunny. Riding were: me, Fitz, Laura, Einar, Ken, Susan, Scott, Nat, Amy and Lance. A real Team Bag Balm outing. I was riding the Lemond, in the mistaken thought that I'd ride faster.

The standard TBB faffing in the parking lot beforehand, then off to Hagg Lake via Fern Hill, Spring Hill, Main (through Gaston), north to the Lake Store...

Early spring, so all the fields are greening up, the trees are blooming or leafing out, and baby animals are everywhere.

We paused at the Lake Store to discuss options. The more speedy among us were contemplating 2 circuits of the lake (10 mile rolling loop), most were thinking 1 loop was fine, and some were saying "I'll go the other way and turn around when I see you".

Hagg Lake

Off to the lake. Fitz, Susan, and I were the "we'll go the other way and evaluate when we see you coming at us". Susan hasn't gotten out much, and Fitz's knees were bothering him. I left them both on the initial climb, kept riding, and eventually saw two riders heading the other way. They were doing 2 loops. I stopped to wait for Fitz and Susan. Fitz came by, but no Susan. I headed down the stretch I'd just ridden up (Hagg Lake is a "y", this was the first arm/tip of the "y"). No Susan. Ok. Went on, saw several of the other riders going the other way, then, as I was approaching the boat ramp and dam, saw Susan coming in from the other direction. We both proceeded back to the group waiting across the dam, and stood around for a bit.

Then back to Forest Grove, crossing Hwy 47 at Spring Hill (no traffic!), north on Fern Hill, and back to the Lodge.

On the way back, Susan asks: "Have you considered doing Race Across Oregon?"
Me: no
Susan: "Can you ride 225 miles in 24 hours?"
Me: sure
(I'm still completely not considering it)
Fitz was riding along behind us, so he now knows that I'm pursuing an R-12, riding Fleche Ouragan on the all-women's team (clever name to be determined), and, well, there might be some ride in the summer of 2011 that perhaps I'd like to do.

Got to catch up with Laura, too. We used to ride together all the time, she roped us all into doing Seattle to Portland in a day, then she went the race route and I went the distance/endurance route.

We got a big table in the dining room, had lunch, and then entirely too much birthday cake (German Chocolate, baked by Nat, Cheesecake, contributed by Einar) and cupcakes (German Chocolate, baked by Linda, who joined us after her 14-mile run).

Then we all waddled home. :-)


beth h said...

Race Across Oregon??!!?

Talk about dangling a carrot..!

Tell me if you reconsider not considering it.


jason said...

225 miles in 24 hours. No carrot would be safe from you after that :-)

lynnef said...

not interested. seriously. the logistics are too much. I just want to go out and RIDE.