Friday, March 16, 2007

Today Was a GOOD Day for a Ride!

(the above is usually said in Worf mode, on days when it is cold, windy and raining)

Today, the sun came out and the temperature at this moment (6:38pm) is 74 degrees. It could be summer!

Spring fever was running rampant at work. I was not immune. As my options for interaction with co-workers were rapidly diminishing, I thought I should just go with the flow and do that Fairmount Loop/Council Crest ride I was planning on anyway.

My usual cycling partner was up for the ride, so I rode home and changed into lighter cycling gear, and he pedalled over from his house.

Nice warm sunny late afternoon! We rode up through the neighborhood to the Sunset bike path, and then east to the Sylvan interchange, passing the cars sitting on the freeway. Then looping along Hewett Drive (very low traffic, fun curves), up Scholls Ferry, and right into the Council Crest neighborhood proper and up to the park. Lots of folks were out enjoying the view, many with picnic dinners. All the mountains were visible.

Here is Mt St Helens:

And Mt Hood:

After a brief round of picture taking, we headed slightly down the hill to ride the Fairmount Loop, a 3.5 mile road that circles Council Crest. It is quite curvy as it wiggles around the hill, and goes slightly uphill and then slightly downhill. A fun loop to do laps on, when I want to get in miles, but don't want to go very far from home. The view is outstanding all the way around!

I didn't take the curves as fast as I might have on my Lemond; I'm still getting used to how this bike handles, and how well the tires grip the road. Then out of the neighborhood, back onto Hewett (whee!) and back home. It wasn't the slowest I've done this route.

Counting my commute, a 24 mile day.

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