Sunday, November 30, 2008

Testing Saddles

I've got a Brooks saddle. While my sit bones are generally happy, the ridge down the middle makes other parts of me not so happy.

My Brooks saddle

Friend Andrew was sporting a Brooks saddle with the Selle An-Atomica cutout. He offered it up for a two week trial, as he won't be riding that bike for a couple weeks. I just took it for a 15 mile spin up to Council Crest. Other than it is way too narrow, this seems to have promise.

Andrew's Brooks saddle

I've got other saddles; mostly varieties of the Terry Butterfly. Generally, I like the non-ridge down the middle, but they have other issues that the Brooks does not. So, we'll see.


Evo Davo said...

I will be very interested in your opinion of the Selle An-etcetera saddle. I read the glowing reviews in the Riv reader and would like to have them validated before kicking out some serious coin...

Unknown said...

Which An-Atomica model was this? Not the WC (widest) model, was it?

lynnef said...

Neither of them is an An-Atomica. Selle An-Atomica will "upgrade" your Brooks saddle with their cutout. Stay tuned. My saddle is back, but I need the snow to melt before I get out for a ride.