Monday, December 22, 2008

Day Eight, Snow Still Here...

If this keeps up, I'll start constructing Calvin and Hobbes snowmen

Hiked over to see Dad, and borrowed Mom's snowshoes, for a hike through the neighborhood. They weren't strictly necessary, most of the time, but I had fun plowing through the drifts.

Some pretty pictures for you:

I'm prepared this time

Icy branch

Ridgewood View Park

The tree and the house

Back from THAT, and I was starting to excavate the sidewalk once again, when SIL and children hiked by, so I joined them. We walked over to the Thai restaurant for lunch, watching vehicles skillfully get themselves into ditches (so, like, avoid the stretch of SW Walker Rd from Hwy 217 to Cedar Hills. Trust me on this.)

After lunch and a Blockbuster and JoAnn's stop, we hiked back. More excellent displays of driving skill (nose down in the ditch), followed by even MORE. Can you say honking big Escalade with a flat front tire teetering in the ditch? We got her out, but she just got all twisted around again. More vehicles on the road, some impatiently driving around, and getting themselves into predicaments. Just east of Hwy 217 we shoved another big one out of a ditch, then turned off the main road. Whew.

Oh, and USPS brought me back my surgically-altered Brooks saddle! Now, if the roads would just clear up...

And its baaaaaack!

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