Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Year in Review - Cycling

Recorded miles (didn't record commutes) ridden: 3880
Rides of 100 miles or longer (mostly longer): 15
Longest ride in a day EVER: 230 miles
Bicycles restored: 1971 Gitane TdF Professional
Oregon Randonneurs/Randonneurs USA stuff: R-12 award, 2000 km annual distance award
Most Epic Ride: Fleche Ouragan (also longest ride in a day ever)
One DNF, hypothermia won this round

Bleriot added another country to its list (UK)

Cumulative odometers:
Bleriot 6244 miles
Lemond 11018 miles

Many brevets and permanents this year, not so many big organized rides - in many cases I had to choose between keeping the R-12 streak going and the big organized rides. For that matter, I didn't participate in as many Portland Velo rides, for the very same reason - off racking up longer mileage rides instead.

A few organized rides:

Worst Day of the Year (from my house, which means climbing the West Hills two extra times)
Reach the Beach (with a subsequent Unreach the next day)
Chico Wildflower Century (road trip!)
The Livestrong Ride (riding course marshal)

Hottest ride:

The Team Bag Balm ride in June, the day before the Livestrong Ride

Coldest ride:

Scio Covered Bridges Perm - temp never got above 37 F all day

Wettest ride:

a tossup between the SIR 200km brevet in March, the Bingen Bikenfest in October and the Prairies and Wetlands perm in November.


tangobiker said...

This is cool, Lynne. And I was there for some of those rides (particularly the wet ones). I may have to do a similar post.
:) B.

lynnef said...

you were there for the cold one, too!

Kevin said...

Lynne, you and Cecil Anne inspire me! I'll have to get out and ride more if for no other reason than I don't want to explain why "I was outcycled by a couple of girls"! ;-)

best wishes in the new year!


Fred Hanson said...

Are you doing the 2009 RSVP, Lynne?

lynnef said...

Hi Fred! I'm registered! See you there, on a bike this time?

Fred Hanson said...

Yes, indeedy!
I plan to be riding, not driving.
Thanks, again, for your blog.