Sunday, November 11, 2012

Coffeeneuring #7, Chatterbox Coffee

Our last (for the series, probably not our last ever!) was to Chatterbox Coffee, in far west Beaverton.  About 6.5 miles due west on SW Baseline.  37 degrees when Fitz and I set out, but not raining.  Brought my jacket along just in case.

Jeff A was there when we arrived; Susan O showed up shortly thereafter.

Coffeeneuring #7: Chatterbox Coffee

I had a Mexi-mocha in a real mug, and a marionberry scone.  That was it for pastries.  They had breakfast things, but I'd had my bowl of Cheerios before departure.

Coffeeneuring #7: Chatterbox Coffee

Discussions included special purpose tools, both bicycle (Park Master Link Plier, yeah!) and kitchen (that Williams-Sonoma pie drip catcher was perhaps a bit over the top), cycling clothing (vests are so amazingly versatile), and riding up Bald Peak.  Apparently there are 5 ways up it.  I have ridden two of them, and not on the same ride.

Coffeeneuring #7: Chatterbox Coffee

Noticed that all the rando bikes had S&S couplers.  Fitz's tank didn't count - utility and commute only.

Seemed to be raining on the ride home, so everyone but Susan pulled out jackets.  We directed Jeff A to the Willow Creek MAX stop (he comes in all the way from SE Portland, and multimodes), and stopped by Bike Gallery in the hope that they would be open; Sweetpea's rear derailleur is doing that skip thing again.  Still too early, so I'll try later.

All coffeeneur expeditions were in Washington County.  No trips into Portland for coffee.  Only one trip to Starbucks, all the others were independents.

13.42 miles round trip.

All the coffeeneuring pictures here.

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