Monday, October 28, 2013

Coffeeneur #5 in Eugene, Market of Choice

Another posting will tell about the subsequent 200k and all that.

Coffeeneur #5, before sunrise

By my interpretation and MG's clarification, it isn't an organized ride unless you sign a release.  No releases for riding to the start, despite the dark, fog, and wickedly steep hill.

As Michal mentioned, he'd already filled me up with Really Good Coffee before we left to ride down to the start.  It was dark, foggy, and chilly, and we were meeting Lesli to go ride Michal's Alsea Loop 200k.

I was kind of hoping to get in a coffeeneuring double this weekend, because access to a bicycle and events for next weekend are conspiring against me.

After successfully dropping off the hill (steep, steep, steep, slightly sketchy pavement), missing my drowned Luxos U the entire way, we arrived at Market of Choice.  Lesli was already there.  My odometer said 2.04 miles.  Bingo!

Coffeeneuring #5 Market of Choice

Inside for hot chocolate!  Michal took pictures, I took pictures, Lesli tried really hard to look stoic in all of them...

Coffeeneur #5, Michal

(picture by Michal Young)

Lesli.  I don't know if she's coffeeneuring or is just a ride-along

And then it was much lighter, and we set out to ride the perm.

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