Sunday, October 13, 2013

Coffeeneuring #3, Research Subject

As a Human Factors Engineer, I am usually on the other side of the table :-)

Janice C, a fellow rando, is doing research on the why of Ride Reports, especially in Blogs.  (Hi Janice!  I know you are reading this!).  She contacted me, because she'd be in town and would we like to meet?

So, yes, of course.  I rummaged around for a location for the conversation (she had a bike with her, of course) which fulfilled the coffeeneuring requirements for her.  Just by riding into Portland from the other side of the hill covered it for me.

Fall Colors, Washington Park

I was to look for a woman with a blue Bike Friday and yellow jacket.  I told her to look for a woman with a blue Rivendell and yellow jacket.

Pretty ride through Washington Park, but not having yet had any coffee, I wasn't feeling alert enough to bomb down through.  I think I need to consider Midge handlebars for the Riv as well; easier to grab the brakes with my little hands.

Found Janice, off to Spielman Bagels and Coffee (they roast their own!).  Picked because bagels and Hawthorne Bridge and Ladd's Addition.  If one is showing off Portland, these are not bad places to go.

No bike rack there!  Fortunately there was a really tall signpost.

Two blue bikes

We took over the end of a table, and ordered coffee and bagels.  For the coffeeneuring documentation, I had the house coffee.  I forget what the first pot was, but my refill was Sumatra Mandheling.  Bagel was "Everything, toasted, with lox cream cheese".

Janice C

Evidence of coffee (and knitting!)

Research done, with various enjoyable conversational excursions.

Returned Janice to her hotel, chugged back up the hill (and it felt MUCH BETTER than it did on the easier outgoing trip), and returned home to start Birthday Dinner preparations.

Fall Colors, Washington Park

23+ miles.  Real vertical feet.  Coffee.

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