Thursday, March 5, 2015

Errandonnee 2015 1, 2, and 3

Fitz wanted to pick up some burlap to put on our metal roof vents, so the birds would quit drilling on them.  It is annoyingly loud, and we have to go out and yell at them, or toss a pinecone up on the roof.  I am thinking a slingshot would be really good for this.  So, anyway, he called over to Longbottoms Coffee Roasters to see if they had any empty bags.  They said they did.  So Fitz suggested lunch.  And me, ever looking to work in an Errandonnee, said "I'll ride over; you can meet me there."  Well, he thought he'd ride too.

So off we went, pretending that we were commuting to work, except, being retired, we aren't anymore.  10.5 miles later, there we were.  We had fun chatting up other cyclists out on lunch rides or errands, or whatever, along the way.

Parked at Longbottoms

They've still got the NO CLEATS OR SHOES WITH CLEAT COVERS sign on the door, and many signs saying DON'T REARRANGE THE TABLES.  So I went in, carrying my shoes.  Lunch was ordered.  Fitz asked after the burlap bags, and someone went in the back to check.  Oops.  No bags.  Ah well, we did have lunch.

The remains of lunch

During lunch, I got an email saying my library book was waiting for me.  Oooh, another stop!

Learning: they have burlap bags but not today.  Also, it still isn't clear if they like cyclists.

Errandonnee 1 complete.  Social Call. 10.54 mi

I needed to stop at the bike shop for new cleats.  Fitz dithered, then thought he'd ride home by way of the bike shop with me.  We went back on NW Cornell, and headed down to SW Baseline/Jenkins by way of SW 158th, then headed south on Hocken to Millikan, then eastward to Bike Gallery.

I didn't recognize anyone in the shop, and I know most of the mechanics...  Bought my cleats and some tire levers, then went to find Fitz.  He was trying on helmets, because his was disintegrating.  Now, my non-rando helmet is 9 years old, and I know better, I truly do. Really.  There was a hi-viz green helmet with reflective bits on the shelf, and I tried it on.  Two new helmets later...

I wasn't planning on buying a new helmet

Asked about the store staff...  My favorite mechanics are still there, but everyone else has moved on.

Sweetpea lurking by the helmets

Learnings: favorite mechanics are still working there.  The cashier and I agreed that the metal core tire levers break at the wrong time.  They'll take your old helmet and dispose of it!

Errandonnee 2 complete. Bike Shop, 9.15mi

Remember that email from the library?  Fitz decided he'd go straight home; I detoured by the library.  I didn't have my card with me, but I did have the card number.  Parked the Sweetpea outside with my flimsy little touring lock and hoped for the best.  The racks are under camera surveillance.  Snagged the book, and waited in line to check out, which is what happens when one does not have one's card.  Ah, bike still there.

Waiting to check out at the library

Book on bike

Learnings: if you know your library card number, even if you don't have the card, it's good.

Errandonnee 3 complete.  Art & Entertainment, .81mi

And home, 2.16mi

Total miles for the day: 22.68

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TessM said...

Oh my god, I'm reading and suddenly I realize ALL the street names are familiar! I'm errandonneuring out of south Beaverton, Sexton Mtn area!