Monday, November 12, 2007

And It Shall Benefit Your Children...

Fitz reports back that he had a tour of Brian's Senior Project Lab. (brief refresher: Brian is in his 4th year of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Oregon State. Not that he'll graduate this year - he's got two 6 month internships and a few more quarters of classwork past 4 years)

Brian has a cube. Just like the Real World. I'll have to send him some Despair posters. I expect he's already got a wall of xkcd cartoons.

But wait! He's got his own Tektronix TDS Oscilloscope. To be precise, the very one that Fitz was the Software Project Lead, and I was the Translation/Usability Lead.

(and you can guess who he calls when he needs an oscilloscope hint. I like it when he announces to his engineering lab "I'll call my MOM. SHE'LL know how to do it!" I did, too :-) )


beth h said...

I inherited stacks of fake books from my musician parents, some of which I use today in my own musical performing and teaching.
I like the idea of getting Mom's Oscilliscope 9whatever that is, or whatever it does). it sounds large and techno-geeky-cool.

lynnef said...

Brian had to acquire all his own music books, but he has quite the collection (indulgent parents). Modern oscilloscopes aren't nearly as retro-cool looking as the old analog ones. Nice clackey mechanical knobs, pots (potentiometers) to turn to calibrate stuff, the Uncal button... Ok, time to stop now.