Sunday, November 25, 2007

I'm my father's daughter

Why go to a store, when you can fix something with objects you have laying around the garage? Especially since nothing is ever thrown away :-)

The escaping waterbottle cage now has a gasket made of a strip of old innertube, which should keep the bolts holding it to the frame from slipping through.

And the rattling fender, which really needs one more hole drilled (and a breathtaking amount of rack and fender removal to do so), has something thicker wedged into the bridge - some nice squashy old handlebar tape - thicker than the inner tube pieces, but not thicker than a double layer which wouldn't fit.

Here is to future quiet, and mechanically uneventful rides.

But I should still put a couple of zipties in my bike bag :-)

1 comment:

beth h said...

Someday, if I can ever get fast enough to hang with you, you can have one of my zipties. I always carry a spare.