Friday, November 30, 2007

Visible AND Recognizable

We invited Rebecca and Jessica over for dinner tonight. They live a block from where I work; it was conceivable that our paths would intersect on the way to our house for a couple of blocks, on Ecole and Walker roads. Not that I could tell. It was very dark, but (yay!) not raining, for the first time this entire week.

Over dinner: "wow, you are sure visible from the rear! We saw you! Lots of flashers! Really BRIGHT!" (I'm running three at the moment - 1 on the helmet, 1 on the jacket loop, 1 on the rack)

I was wondering how they knew it was me. To quote a co-worker: "I can't tell any of you apart, you all look alike". Must be the yellow jackets :-)

Rebecca: "your FENDERS!".

Yeah, not too many commuters out there with hammered Honjo fenders.

Also, as I was heading toward Wilshire, a cyclist came up behind me, and asked about the flasher on my jacket (Blackburn Mars 2.0, fresh batteries). He also thought my gloves were amazing - he was behind me when I signaled to turn left. Another plug for GloGlovs. Don't commute without them.

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