Monday, November 12, 2007

The Handmade Bike Show and Other Stuff

No big rides this past weekend. I didn't even commute all last week; I just felt really crummy.

Saturday we helped Rebecca and Jessica unload the moving truck. Their dogs were definitely uneasy about this moving stuff. Chance (the pug, who I am convinced is not burdened by anything more complex than the autonomous nervous system) was definitely stressed. He was whining in the backyard (I'm told he did this the entire drive from Salt Lake), until they tied him up in the garage so he could supervise.

Sunday I put a new chain on Bleriot (ABOUT TIME, says Mechanic Mark), and a new blinkie (Planet Bike Superflash), because I always feel the need for refreshed illumination about this time of year. Then I rode over to the Handmade Bicycle Show, where I saw Beth, Joel, John O, and Jonathan M.

Had a nice conversation with Bill Davidson (Mr. Davidson Bicycles, cool!), and with Natalie (Sweetpea Bicycles). Bill was amused that we rode to the show. Heck, less than 9 miles round trip, and on the west side. Of course I'd ride! Don't people in Seattle ride to this sort of stuff?

Tried not to drool on all the gorgeous bikes. I was under firm instructions to NOT come home with another bicycle, so I had to settle for a Sweetpea Bicycles cap. Maybe in a couple of years. I was taking notes.

I did pick up the UBI class brochure. I could instead spend 2 weeks in Ashland learning how to braze my very own lugged steel frame. Brazing is sort of like soldering on steriods. I do know how to solder :-)


Kevin said...

If you can solder you can braze. Just get a few brass rods, some powdered flux and a good hot torch then practice on some scrap. Touch the rod to the heated metal or molten pool, not the flame, dipping the hot rod in the flux from time to time. It's really pretty easy.

John Henry said...

Looks like my wife came home with a new Ti DeSalvo.