Friday, November 23, 2007


Thought I'd get out for a short ride today (the Wine Country Populaire is tomorrow), just to work off some of the pie.

What with dawdling, reading the paper, going by Team Estrogen (and lowering company productivity completely for at least a half hour), and shopping for furniture, eating lunch (turkey, of course), and putting new cleats on the new shoes, well, it was about 3pm before Fitz, Jason and I set out on the Council Crest Loop.

I had on a heavy Descente jersey and a Shebeest WindPro vest, plus gloves, leg warmers, my new Pearl Izumi Gore-Tex cycling shoes (stay tuned to hear how they do in rain), and a cap. This was all fine up to the summit of Council Crest (my, pretty almost-sunset there...), but the descent down to Fairmount was a bit chilly. Turned on my lights on the summit.

Riding around Fairmount was fun - the new pavement is wonderful. However, the temperature was dropping. My core was fine. My feet were doing their slow turning-into-iceblocks activity (chemical foot warmers tomorrow, yes indeed). I pulled the mitten covers over my fingers (Descente Wombats). That sort of helped.

After Fairmount (and the fun climb at the end of it), it is pretty much downhill to home. The temperature was dropping like a stone, too, as the sun set.

Whoo. Put on the teapot as soon as I walked in the door, and piled on all my warm, fuzzy clothes!

Notes for tomorrow: heavy jersey, vest, cap, shell jacket over, leg warmers, Shebeest capris over them and the shorts, toe warmers, booties. Wool liner gloves. Thermos of hot gatorade tea. Should get that ready now.


beth h said...

Chemical foot-warmers?
How do these fit inside cycling shoes?
See you at the Pop.

lynnef said...

Search on Mycoal Grabber toe warmers. Thin little things, I wear mine on the bottom outside of my sock. Happy, warm feet. Especially today. I'm not sure it got over 40 degrees