Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Or very cool bicycle overload.

Wood wheels... really!

Rode from my house to the Convention Center (9+ miles, big hill in the middle), located the attended bike parking, locked up, and went in. The Convention Center was simultaneously hosting the golf show, Chinese New Year, and NAHBS, so we passed guys in golf shirts (my husband was in there somewhere), little girls in Chinese costume, and cyclists.

Walked in, and was promptly overwhelmed. Jason and I walked the whole show, plus visiting with folks we knew (Bill P, David R, Nance and Richard, the Portland Velo gang at the Livestrong booth, Chico Gino...).

Then we got something to eat, and walked the show again.

What was memorable:
The Calfee bull bike
Any number of classy racks and lighting setups

Pereira Cycles


Nice Headbadge

Beautiful lugs

Hammered lugs

Spectrum Powderworks
Renovo Bicycles

Renovo Bicycles - wood frame

The quad crankset at DaVinci
Getting to meet and talk to Jan Heine at the Rene Herse booth

Rene Herse

Meeting the folks at Bilenky, the nice people that did the S&S conversion on my Bleriot
Visiting at Sweetpea (I need to win the lottery in the worst way. I could support at least three Portland framebuilders then...)
Meeting Sheila Moon

Fabricators' children have the best bikes (Vanilla, Roark, Bilenky)

Roark custom titanium

We then decamped to the Lucky Lab, to pick up our packets for the Worst Day Ride.

All my NAHBS pics here

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