Sunday, February 24, 2008

Progress on the Gitane

There has been some. The frame is probably as nice as it is going to get - I attacked all the rust spots, and touched up the really big downward-facing ones. I squirted in some Framesaver, and will finish it off with a nice coat of paste wax.

Big ugly rust spot

The hubs have been repacked. Lots of little bearings, and cone wrench activity. Lots of fun for me. I'm in the process of cleaning up the rims and spokes.

Wheels with repacked hubs.  One is shinier than the other

The freewheel has been lubed (the old fashioned way - rubbing a little grease in at a time, repeat until you like the way it sounds). It needs a cog rearrangement, which will happen when I see Beth. I've got the cogs, just not the tools to unscrew the freewheel.

The brakes, derailleurs, headset, bottom bracket, and shifters have been polished up, and are probably ready to go back on the frame.

Shiny brakes, shifters and derailleurs

The new crankset is here; just waiting on the brake levers.

Stronglight Impact compact double crankset

I should buy a new seat, and inventory our pedal collection. I'm planning on basic pedals with PowerGrips, for the time being. And wondering if I should pick up a rear rack. And those nifty fluted Velo Orange fenders.

Parts still needed:
brake and derailleur cables
Power Grips
tubes and tires (probably 700cx28mm)

It's coming together!

1 comment:

beth h said...

I suck.

Or more correctly, my supplier sucks.

STILL waiting on those brake levers.

..::slams head against imaginary wall in contrition::..

I'll call you when they're in.