Friday, February 22, 2008

Oh, NICE Day!

It was so nice and sunny and warm (mid 50's) during my lunchtime run, that I had to take off my shirt. I should note that if there had not been perceptible weight loss, I wouldn't have done that :-) Time to toss some tank tops and t-shirts in the weekly running clothes stash.

Plus I'll get to ride home in daylight!

And then (to tie everything together) figure out how to work in 60 miles riding, laundry, knitting, bills, pruning roses, rebuilding the Gitane's hubs... over the next two days.


Cecil Anne said...

I will assume that there was some sort of sport bra under that shirt ;-)

lynnef said...

I never did see why guys could run without THEIR shirts on, and for some reason, I shouldn't.

But yes, no decency statues were violated.

It was a pretty pink floral design one. So there.

Cecil Anne said...

I was thinking more of wind resistance ;-)

lynnef said...

that would imply enormous tracts of land