Sunday, February 17, 2008

Three Prairies Perm, one more time

It is a new calendar year, so we can start riding perm routes again and have them count for RUSA miles. Cecil wanted to do the Three Prairies, as she injured herself last time and had to pass. That version of the ride is recounted here.

Yes, there IS scenery there!

Cecil, Sal, Andrew and I set out to do this on Saturday morning. Sal likes to start at "civilized hours", so start was set for 8am. Andrew was riding, but not officially. So, according to our RBA (regional brevet administrator), if he got a flat, we could help him fix it, but if any of us got a flat, Andrew could not help fix it. I guess he was considered ride-along ride support. I don't know if that precluded him from giving advice.

Breathtaking fog driving into Newberg, but it cleared away as I summitted the hill just before the descent. Got assembled, along with Sal, who parked right next to me, and rode over to the Coffee Cottage to find Andrew and Cecil.

It was 32 degrees according to my car thermometer, 34 degrees according to the bank.

By the time we got to the Dayton turnoff, I was working hard. That generator hub does sort of provide its own private spin class. Cecil wondered if it might be easier to pedal with the light off. I've been leaving it on, because the LED has no bulb to wear out. Ok, I tried that. My speed picked up considerably. Lesson learned (all you folks with generator hubs can stop laughing. This is what we call in my business "tacit knowledge", which everyone assumes you know, and no one ever tells you!)

Headed off west, through Dayton and the interminable stretch between Dayton and Amity, then south. No fog at all this time. There IS scenery, and it is very pretty. Rolling hills, lots of animals (Cecil was in terminal little lamb cuteness overload), barns, both standing and sagging, horses...

We stopped at the corner of Perrydale and Bethel roads, to take pictures of the antique fire engine. Way cool.

Bianchi and Bleriot and the antique fire engine

Three of the four of us like to stop and take pictures, so this was a copacetic group.

Off to Dallas, where Sal and Andrew ducked into the Safeway, and Cecil and I headed for McDonalds. I wanted fries. We saw folks in there in suits and dresses (on a SATURDAY? In DALLAS, OR?). More folks, similarly dressed walking in, too. So I asked. Jehovah's Witnesses. We got off easy, with one invitation to take the magazine. We pointed to our bikes and allowed as how we wouldn't want to carry it the rest of the day. They wished us an enjoyable ride, and went off for their McD's fix.

Didn't see the guys, so we left. I called Andrew from Rickreall; they were still in Dallas. Oh well, they'd catch up eventually.

The 13 miles on 99W back to Amity did not seem as much climbing as they did in November. Still no Sal and Andrew. A brief picture stop, then off again. I swear, the road between Amity and Dayton lengthens itself.

Cronk in Amity

Weird clouds on the way to Dayton

Eventually back to Newberg, where I stopped by the car to pick up the afternoon's provisions, and met Cecil back at the Coffee Cottage. Scones and coffee. Eventually Sal and Andrew did show up - Andrew had a navigation confusion heading for 99W around Rickreall. It is a little tricky, and the road signage is scant.

Then off for the Mt Angel loop. We got out of Newberg and headed south on 219, chatting the whole way, zipping right along. Just after the turn onto St Louis Rd, Andrew thought he'd head back, since his knee was bothering him, and he wasn't officially on the ride anyway.

I had pulled off one outer layer in Newberg, and shed my jacket somewhere on 219. It was downright mild out!

View of Mt Hood almost to Mt Angel

Through Gervais, then the 6 miles to Mt Angel. Bought some water. Took pictures of the birds on the roof.

Birds on the roof in Mt Angel

Heading back, the sun was starting to get low. We pulled over on Manning road to put on our reflective gear, and, in my case, pull my jacket back on. My light had been switching on in the shaded areas, and shortly turned it self on for good (love that Auto switch).

The sunset was amazing. We had to stop and take pictures.


Riding a bit slower now, since my light was on, worked our way north, then west past Champoeg. Cecil pulled over: "I know we only have 7 miles to go, but I need to eat something NOW!". So, blood sugar break. I finished the last of my second pbj sandwich. Then onto 219 again, across the Willamette, UP the hill, looking for the left turn onto Wynooski. Into Newberg, making a beeline for the Coffee Cottage, where we did all the post-ride paperwork and signatures.

Sal at the end

The perm isn't finished until the paperwork is done

11:20 total time. We did the first 60 miles on the 12 miles/hr plan, but sort of lost it around Mt Angel.

Home for a lovely steak dinner...

Mechanical notes: my left pedal snapped and clicked the entire ride. Got to look at that. It isn't the crank bolts, it isn't the bottom bracket, it isn't any of the chainring bolts. It is the pedal.

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beth h said...

Didja get the pedal fixed?
Great ride report -- thanks for sharing.
I would kill to be able to eat a good steak. Sounds well-earned and delicious.
It was lovely to ride with you yesterday. I look forward to you guys being my tour guide in Hillsboro next month. Cheers --B