Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Brief Proud Parent Interlude

The younger child is in his first senior year at Oregon State, majoring in ECE (electrical and computer engineering, I think). In any case the Engineering Expo was last week; we went. The senior projects were on display. Brian's team had already won the "Most Innovative" award. At the Expo, they received the first place departmental award, out of 20+ team projects.

A happy picture

Older child is in graduate school at University of Oregon in Portland, for her architecture degree. She's doing a practicum at a local firm, working on a project that will be over by the Rose Quarter - transitional housing sort of thing. What is her part, exactly? "I'm designing the bicycle storage room".


beth h said...

You're entitled to kvell a bit. Congratulations on having such a bright, hardworking kid.

lynnef said...

both of them! you betcha! thank you!