Friday, May 23, 2008

Its Done!

I think it is essentially done.  Wow

Installed the fenders. This required a phone call to husband "do we have a rattail file? where is it?", as the 28mm Armadillos wanted the fenders pulled up further than the L-bracket opening would allow. Finally got them on.

Then pulled out the eBay *Jim* Blackburn rack, unbent it (why the deck was bent up, I have no idea), then pulled out another mounting bracket, went over to use my dad's vise, and installed the rack, tweaking the fenders yet again.

The handlebar tape was the easiest part of this whole thing. New Velox bar end plugs, too!

Found a water bottle cage in the garage, and it is ready to go. Need to go to the hardware store for some teeny nuts and bolts for the cable guides on the top tube for total completeness, but it is now rideable for any conditions here.


Pics from start to finish here

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