Friday, May 16, 2008

The Jolly Postman

Context: 96 degrees. I need to send my MiNewt back for factory service. But I'm off on an all-weekend bicycling adventure to the coast and back, so need another mailbox to ship my package away in. Plus, one of the contacts on my IQ Fly headlight has broken. Fitz is off on his annual Atomic Open golf adventure in the Tri-Cities.

We read The Jolly Postman to our children at bedtime for YEARS. We all enjoyed the book.

I packaged up the MiNewt to send back, called my dad to see if he wanted to do a little soldering (yes, I can solder, but he's got all the necessary toys), bungied the package on the rack, and rode over. He allowed as how the box would not fit in HIS mailbox, as he doesn't have the Rural #2 size. But I did raid the refrigerator for a cold Diet Coke, and we adjourned to the workshop for a soldering and heatshrink tubing session. (bicycle, cold drink, package) He thought I should put the package in my brother's mailbox, instead. My mom was at the other end of the country, visiting her sister.

Perhaps I should explain that we all live within 2 blocks of each other. It is a wonderful arrangement.

Rode over there. My sister-in-law answered the door (and they have air conditioning), immediately handed me a tall cold glass of iced tea, and agreed the package would better be sent from their mailbox. We had a nice little visit. She eventually figured out that I was on my own that evening, and invited me over for dinner. "Your dad and Philip are coming over, you should, too!" (Philip is a very interesting cousin.)

On my way out to go home and pack for the bicycle adventure, I noticed some enticing books. Which I promptly borrowed, and bungied to the bike rack. (bicycle, cold drink, packages again). And rode home.

Packed, and walked back over. Great dinner (brother, SIL, last child still at home, dad, and Philip), with wine (I think the Jolly Postman had sherry, but anyway). Air conditioning. I like to visit it from time to time.

Then looking out their back window before departing, what should I see but the neighborhood coyote! (the Big Bad Wolf) He was laying down, chewing on something. Probably best we couldn't see what, exactly. That was my longest coyote sighting to date.

Cecil came over shortly thereafter. I made her read the book :-)


jason said...

You sure he wasn't chewing on the neighborhood beagle? :-))

lynnef said...

the fat, tasty beagle with that high-pitched bark that goes on for hours? I wish :-)