Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cycling - May and Year to Date

In May, I rode 559 non-commuting miles. Figure another 75 for that. Two 100+ mile rides. One 230 mile ride. 1710 miles year to date, not including commuting miles. 8 century+ rides for the year.

I've taken the last two weeks "off". Cut way back on the running. Skipped spinning class a few times (sorry, John, it isn't you, I promise). Drove to work a few days. I did do the Velo rides on the weekends. 50 and 40 miles. Gave my hands a chance to recover from the Fleche and Reach/Unreach. It does seem a little strange to finish a ride at lunchtime.

There might be something to this recovery thing. I felt zippy for the first time in several months. Once I warmed up I did some fast riding, all the way from Long Rd back to Longbottoms. I especially had fun on Long, Hornecker and Evergreen. I was not the ride leader today, so it was all about MY ride.

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