Friday, April 18, 2008

And the Knitting

Finished my first Conwy sock.

Conwy socks progress

I think I have the cable thing down, now. I've cast on the second one, and have just about finished the cuff.

But my hands are cold. Rummaging around in my Ravelry queue, looking through all the mitt patterns that interest me, I found the Axel Mitts pattern (they've even spelled it correctly), and it wants chunky yarn. Two+ leftover skeins of Bernat Galaxy from my scarf are just about right. The yarn won't show the cable pattern well, but that's fine for this particular project.

Bernat Galaxy Deep Space

However, I haven't got any double point or cable needles in 8 or 9. But wait... my MOM knits, too. Bet she'll have some. (phone call) And she does and she hasn't used them since the 70's. I'll pick them up on my way home today. With chunky yarn, they'll knit up fast, and my hands won't be cold. And I'll have mitts that match the scarf.

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