Thursday, April 10, 2008

Gitane Leaves the Driveway

First Ride Panda

I took Gitane into work today, to show Einar. He rode it around the parking lot and tweaked the derailleur adjustment a bit. He thought Mechanic Mark should look at the headset and the rear derailleur as well.

Took it by Mechanic Mark after work. The headset is now better, but not perfect. It will possibly not be perfect until the frame and fork are more straight :-) The fork is a little off, as are the rear dropouts (hence the rear der recommendation). Mark also got to use his special Weinmann Brake Tool. Bought some Planet Bike Cascadia fenders for it.

That said, it is now eminently rideable. I rode over to my parents' to show it off, successfully using the downtube shifters. Then I rode home, and hunted around for the old Sekai seatpost, for the seat mount piece on top - the existing one on Gitane did not want to tighten down, so the seat kept tipping. As long as I was doing that, I installed the new seat, and changed the seat and stem height (up!)

It has now moved out to the garage. I'm running out of places to put bicycles...

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Anonymous said...

Mazal Tov!

Great bike ya got dere. We must schedule a Basic Bike Ride, you on the Gitane, me on the Peugeot, to a coffee shop.

Happy riding --B