Thursday, April 3, 2008

It Took 113 miles, or, A Senior Moment

The evening before the Birkie 200km preride, both Jason and I had eaten Middle Eastern food. I was recalling the offerings, and drew a blank on one name. I could see it. I could taste it. I could describe it to Jason and he could see it and taste it, too.

Neither of us could remember what it was called.

I'm riding along, thinking: "hummus, baba ghanouj, pita...."

Jason said he was riding along doing the same.

The name would almost be there, but it would just not emerge.

Then, on Gales Creek Rd, while we were enjoying the downhill/tailwind, at mile 113, Jason triumphantly called out: TABBOULI!


Anonymous said...

Would this be the result of not eating/drinking regularly enough on the bike?

lynnef said...

unfortunately, I don't think so...

Anonymous said...

A tailwind on Gales Creek is definately "TABBOULI".